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Indominco Mandiri
Adanni Global
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Indo Talent
Mandiri Group
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The shells are made from special ERW conveyor tube with close tolerance ensuring smooth, eccentrically free running with minimum diameter runout.

TechnoRoll rollers are fitted with single row deep groove ball bearings, ZZ, RS sealed type with C3 or C4 internal clearance and use long life grease. We have selected these bearings because they give up from eight to ten minutes angular deflection in their operation, coupled with even load distribution within each bearing race.

Made from carbon steel round bar. The round bar are cut, turned with fine tolerance and ground bearing seating to ensure press fit between bearing and shaft

All the rollers are thoroughly tested for TIR, rotation resistance, balancing, and water resistant sealing before dispatch.

Bearing Housing
The bearing housing are made of deep drawn quality sheet pressed to high degree of accuracy, keeping tolerance at bearing seating region as specified by the bearing manufactures.

Destructive vibration can arise from unbalance of rollers producing fluctuating loads on the idler and supporting structure. Excessive unbalance can cause hammer on the bearings and loosening of bearing and seal fits. TechnoRoll rollers to a range of balance requirements from commercial quality through to dynamically balanced for demanding high speed – low noise applications. Every roll is test run after final assembly.

Time tested and universally accepted multistage sealing made from polymer and provide on both sides of the bearings with dust-cover and weather-seal. The components are assembled together with high quality bearings.

Total Indicator Runout(T.I.R.)
Excessive T.I.R. causes noisy belt flap, structural vibrations, roll unbalance and reduced bearing life. TechnoRoll shells are checked regularly during manufacture to ensure they comply with quality standards established by TechnoRoll. The high level of balance achieved by TechnoRoll begins with the quality of the electric resistance welded high speed conveyor tube

Jig welding of the base frames ensures slotted mounting brackets are accurately aligned. This has the effect for reducing installation costs and belt wear. All roll supports are welded to provide smooth weld surfaces for the application of protective coatings. Welds are cleaned prior to surface treatment.

Surface Protection
Technoroll painting standard powder coating or epoxy paint. Frames and structural members are coated with epoxy paint or galvanized.

Quality Control
Our products have passed the quality control procedures that are intended to ensure that products manufactured do a set of defined criteria for premium quality or meet the requirements of the clients or customers.

Idler Range

Carry Roller

Impact Roller

Rubber Disc Return Roller

Spiral Return Roller

Offset Carry Idler

Inline Carry Idler

Tilted Carry Idler

Transition Carry Idler

Self Alignment Carry Idler

Retractable Impact Idler

Flate Return Idler

Rubber Disc Return Roller

Vee Return Idler

Self Alignment Vee-Return Idler

Self Alignment Return Idler

Idler Range

We manufacture conveyor pulley for mining, cement, power plant, coal terminal and various applications in bulk material handling. Our mission is to provide quality and competitive product to our customers. We can manufacture pulley to your specification and design the pulley as your needs.

All pulley use locking device/element with RINGFEDER to connect shaft & hub. All pulleys are statically balance for non drive and dynamically balance for drive pulley. The lagging for drive pulleys are provided by either cold or hot vulcanizing as per customer requirement. Non drive pulleys are provided with plain lagging unless specified by customer. The shore hardness of rubber lagging are 55 to 65 (durometer) Shore A.

  • Drum Pulleys from 215mm to 2400mm diameter, range from light to heavy duty pulley

We use only quality rubber lagging materials from Rema Tip Top RfN 7012 RfN 7012 stainless RfN 7013 RfN 7014 RfN 7015 We use only quality rubber lagging materials from Rema Tip Top for cold lagging. For hot lagging we use rubber made by ourself. Our rubber lagging product for hot lagging called Soft Rubber G4-070-B.


    The “knobbly” surface of the ceramic tiles provides optimum grip on pulleys subject to high stress. Ceramic material is suitable for pulley lagging, due to its specific properties of extremely high wear-resistance provide by aluminium oxide (A1203). It replaces traditional materials, because it provides higher profitability by considerably increasing the service life and the efficiency of pulley laggings. Ceramic lagging suitable for pulley lagging which subjected medium to heavy load fabric or steel cord belt.

  • DIAMOND LAGGING - Rema Tip Top Remagrip

    Has been designed for a variety of wet or dry applications and can be universally applied as a lagging for drive pulleys for light to medium loaded fabric belts. Due to its high elasticity, REMAGRIP also features high-qualities for eleminating materials build-up

  • PLAIN LAGGING - Rema Tip Top Remaline

    Has been designed for a variety of wet or dry applications and can be universally applied as a lagging for driven as well as non-driven pulleys for fabric and steel cord belts. The plain surface can be individually regrooved with the RUBBER CUT system and perfectly fitted to the requested application. Remaline suitable for pulley lagging which subjected light to medium load fabric belt.

Pulley Locking Assembly

Ringfeder - Keyless locking assembly is a famous Locking device for quick mounting and dismounting. It has a benefit by avoiding concentrating stress at the shaft due to any key way on the shaft from any regular device of locking element.


TechnoRoll is one of main products from Suprabakti Mandiri, PT which manufacture in Indonesia and have supplied around South East Asia region. TechnoRoll is a line of high-performance conveyor rollers and pulleys designed to meet your conveyor’s operating conditions.

Providing solutions for any demanding environment, TechnoRoll’s products are designed and manufactured according to each of our customer’s specifications. More than 10 years experience, TechnoRoll has mobilized virtually millions of tons of bulk materials; improving productivity and efficiency in the mining industry.

TechnoRoll offers a complete range of standard and custom designed conveyor idlers for various bulk handling application in mining such as gold, coal, copper, nickel, cement, etc., bulk terminal, fertilizer, power plant, gravel, and in-plant conveying applications throughout industry.

TechnoRoll design and manufacture idlers in different trough angles and for various usages in a wide range of belt conveying. The range include idler and pulley like carry, return, impact, training, transition and pulley to suit different belt widths.

TechnoRoll idlers and pulleys pass through a stringent ISO 9001 quality inspection, before they become a key component in your conveyor system.

TechnoRoll idlers and pulleys are known worldwide for quality and reliability. ISO, CEMA, SNI, JIS, DIN are just some of the standards we manufacture too.